Is Alkaline Bottled Water Good For You?

This will depend on how the water is made alkaline and the bottling process.  Most people may be surprised to find out that 75% of bottled waters are no cleaner that tap water, and even contain higher levels of chemicals than tap water. If you are going to pay a premium price for bottled alkaline specialty waters, make sure that first the water is distilled. Distilled water is the cleanest water man can make since it is basically steam that is cooled and then condenses back into water. Distilled water has no minerals, nothing, so it can deplete minerals from the body if consumer for to long. Alkaline water made by adding minerals to distilled water will be clean, but you will need a good balance of alkaline minerals. Some people think that it is safe to make alkaline water by adding baking soda to water, this can be dangerous and even fatal to some. In fact it is advised that you do not make alkaline water with baking soda because if you consume more than 2 teaspoons of baking soda per day for more than 10 days you will begin to develop kidney stones. Some people make their alkaline drinking water with baking soda for months and they do indeed develop kidney stones or other health complications. Read the warning label on the side of the box of baking soda or just read the hazards of making alkaline water with baking soda on Wikipedia.

So if you are going to buy bottled alkaline water, make sure you throughly check how it is made. Some companies may barely filter the tap water they use and others may even be making the ph alkaline by adding chemicals, salts, or minerals into the water, the same way you would make alkaline water as if you put baking soda in the water.

Other than these hazards, there are economical and environmental cost to purchasing bottled water. In most cases, less than 5% of the bottles are recycled, and it takes about 3 liters of water just to product 1 liter of bottled water. In addition, water electrolysis is the process which makes ionized alkaline water benefits, buying higher ph drinking water that is put in bottles or made by adding chemicals, minerals, or salts does not have any health benefits.

Below are some of the essential properties that differentiate alkaline ionized water from other types higher ph alkaline drinks made by adding minerals or chemicals:

  • Water Molecule size, pH, and -ORPElectrolyzed water has a pH of above 7. This higher pH level can remain stable, unchanging, for many months.

  • Water electrolysis results in smaller clusters of water molecules making it easier for the body to absorb. Like the higher pH level, the micro-cluster property of the ionized water will last for several months.

  • Ionized water has a negative ORP level.  The higher level of hydroxide ions in the water does not last very long. The –ORP level of water lasts only about 24 hours and begins to dissipate after 6 hours of the water being electrolyzed. After 24 hours of the water being electrolyzed the water will have a positive ORP level again.

These 3 things make higher ph ionized drinking water the healthy drink that it is. When one or more of these properties no longer exist in the water, the water ceases to deliver health benefits to the drinker.

There are many benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water compared to drinking ordinary water that is made alkaline by adding minerals, chemicals, or salts, which is how bottled alkaline waters are made.

  • Balanced pH level- ionized electrolyzed drinking water is alkaline. This water naturally helps balance out the acidity of all the other acid aqueous solutions  like coffee, milk, sodas, sparking water, etc. consumed and put into ones body.

  • Neutralizes free radicals- the negative electrons in the ionized water binds with the positive free radicals in the body. This results in the prevention of Oxidative damage at the cellular level, in turn resulting in healthy organs and the slowing down of the body’s aging process.

  • Improved intestinal tract since it flushes out toxins and clears the mucus around the colon resulting in an improved and a healthier digestive system.

  • Better nutrient absorption- with a healthier digestive system, nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.

  • Proper hydration- not all liquids are the same, most especially when it comes to the liquids you consume. Drinking 8 glasses or more daily delivers unparalleled health benefits to consumers, including a state of proper hydration.

  • Adequate oxygen- ionized water delivers higher oxygen levels to the different organs of the body. With adequate oxygen, the different organs of the body function more efficiently.

  • Balanced temperament- because it is refreshing and helps keep you healthy, ionized alkaline water also delivers the benefit of a balanced emotional state.

  • Enhanced flavors- the micro-bubbles and the smoother taste of ionized water results in enhanced food flavors and a more enjoyable dining experience.

  • Increased energy- ionized water not only refreshes, it also contributes to increased energy and mental alertness.

  • Cost savings- consider ionized water as an investment in your health. The cost savings you will incur from having improved overall health will certainly exceed the amount spent on the water ionizer.

6 hours to drink ionized waterThe best time to drink the ionized water is within 6 hours after the electrolysis. During this time, the water is at its most refreshing state, with countless micro bubbles. The micro-bubbles and the micro-clusters in the water are the result of the electrolysis process where the ionizer breaks down the hydrogen bonds that hold the water together. Regular tap water comes in clusters of 12 to 100 molecules. Reduced water from ionizers comes in clusters composed of only 4-6 molecules, making it much easier for the water to pass through the cell walls in your body.

During the first 6 hours after the water is ionized, the –ORP value of the water is also at its optimal rate. Because the –ORP value of ionized water dissipates quickly, it is not possible to store the water in any container and expect it to retain its health benefits longer than 24 hours. The best that can be done in terms of ionized water storage, is to bottle the water in dark glass and keep it capped so it is not exposed to the air. Get the most out of your ionized water by consuming it immediately, or at least within the first 6 hours after the process of electrolysis.

Alkaline bottled waterTo be able to enjoy real ionized water that delivers great health benefits invest in an ionizer, because there is no way for the ionized water to retain all its properties when it is bottled. This is the only way to ensure that the water you are drinking is ionized, and retains all the properties of ionized water. With bottled alkaline water, you are getting nothing more than overpriced filtered water with a higher pH level that does not provide the smaller water molecule cluster size for easier absorption, or the negative ORP levels that bond to and neutralize free radicals.