Alkaline Water Scam

Scam Warning
Beware of alkaline water scams. Know the difference between alkaline water and ionized water.

The incredible health benefits of drinking electrolyzed water are becoming widely known and accepted. As a result, a number of new products are springing up that claim to imitate the effects of water ionizers without the effort or the expense. The problem is that these new products fail to create the unique and transformative properties of water electrolysis that make a real difference in your health. Understanding the truth about these new products can help you to avoid being taken in by inferior products that will take your money without improving your health.


Baking soda to make alkaline water
Over consuming baking soda or other chemicals to raise the pH of water and make it alkaline can cause serious and even life threatening health complications.

Alkaline Water

The many new water-altering products on the market today produce alkaline water, instead of ionized electrolyzed water. The term describes any water that has a pH above 7. This type of water is easy to create:  One simply needs to add a product such as a mineral or baking soda that raises the water’s pH. There is a lot of information out there explaining that by the addition of baking soda, to raise the pH of the water you will receive these health benefits which is simply not true and has no scientific studies or data to support this claim, and can be dangerous if practiced for any length of time.

non electric natural alkaline water filter scams
Clever marketing tricks which add an alkaline mineral adding filter onto a reverse osmosis or standard inline water filter calling themselves “natural alkaline water” will not give you alkaline water health benefits.

There are also many different types of water filtration systems like reverse osmosis with an alkaline mineral injector, or whole house water filtration systems with an added alkalizer, that are being used to raise the pH of the water. These only raise the pH of the water making it alkaline, and do not restructure giving it the health beneficial properties.  It is important to note that there are no health benefits that have been proven by scientific studies to be associated with plain alkaline water that is not restructured by a water ionizer electrolysis.

Alkaline water sticks are also being sold claiming the same health benefits as reduced restructured water, even though all they do is change the pH of the water and do not actually restructure the water which is essential for receiving the health benefits that scientific studies have proven.

The important thing to note is that this alkalinized water is NOT the same as the water produced by electrolysis. Electrolyzed water is a completely different type of water, because it provides not only the higher alkaline pH level, it also has the essential negative ORP rating along with the restructured micro clusters for easier absorption and better hydration. To produce these properties you need a machine which uses electrolysis to make alkaline ph ionized drinking water.

Alkaline Water Stick
Alkaline water sticks are just another water ionizer scam

Alkaline Ionized Antioxidant Water

This type of water sets itself apart from regular alkalized water because of how the actual water molecules are constructed. Instead of simply having a pH above 7, this water also possesses these two other characteristics:

Antioxidant Elements

Due to the way its molecules are constructed, possesses a high volume of molecules that have extra hydrogen atoms attached to them. These extra hydrogen molecules allow the molecules to destroy free radicals in the body. Free radicals are particles in the body that are produced through the body’s natural processes. If left alone, these free radicals damage and destroy the body at a cellular level. When the hydrogenated molecules in this water destroy these free radicals, they play a vital role in fighting the damage caused by the free radicals: As a result, it has been proven to help the body fight and maybe prevent such major diseases as cancer and premature aging.


The molecules in this water are also different from the molecules in regular water and alkaline water in that they occur in smaller groups. Regular and even bottled alkaline waters have molecules in groups of 12 to 14. Ionized antioxidant water possesses molecules in groups of 4 to 6. These smaller molecules are easier for the body to absorb. As a result, these smaller molecules allow the body to more quickly and efficiently absorb the water and nutrients in the water, and therefore improve the body’s hydration.

Health Differences between different water types

Alkaline Ionizer Water Comparison
Different alkaline water and water filtration sources. Proponents of natural alkaline water take the reverse osmosis or regular filtered water and add minerals to it with the addition of a mineral adding filter. This makes the water alkaline, like with pH drops or water ionizer sticks, but it does not incorporate antioxidant health benefits and can even be harmful.

It is these two characteristics, the antioxidant elements and microclusters, that make alkaline ionized water truly revolutionary, and not a scam like making alkaline water with baking soda or other mineral or chemical additives. The combination of these factors, plus the water’s pH, allow it to help the body fight cancer, improve diabetes conditions, lead to faster rehydration, and assist the body in preventing premature aging. Every relevant health study names restructured alkaline electrolyzed reduced ionized water, NOT just plain alkaline water, as the source of these incredible health effects.

Alkaline 9.5 or 8.8 or 9.8 ph water, which does not possess either antioxidant elements or microclusters, cannot provide the same health benefits for those who drink it. As a result, whole house filtration systems with an alkaline mineral attachment, alkaline water sticks, and reverse osmosis systems with an alkaline mineral attachment, which only raise the pH of the water, cannot create ionized alkaline water benefits. Unless you are using an water ionizer machine, you are not making alkaline ionized water, and you are not reaping the health benefits of that water. Be aware of this information before you buy one of these products, and make sure of what the product is truly offering you: Make sure you are ending up with truly transformative water, and not just buying into a water marketing scam.