Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Electrolyzed Reduced Water

PubMed scientific and medical studiesOnly electrolyzed reduced water also know as alkaline ionized water which contains all three properties:

  1. higher pH
  2. micro-clustered restructured water
  3. Negative ORP

Has been proven to have health benefits for the drinking. Many of these scientific and medical studies have been published by the well known website PubMed, plus there is also countless amounts of other confirming data published by many different websites, press releases, and articles that discuss the health benefits of drinking electrolyzed reduced water.

psoriasisStudies have shown that treatment from this type of restructured water can be beneficial in the fight against premature aging, diabetes, gout, psoriasis, intestinal disease, colon health, acid reflux, health issues caused by dehydration, and many other disease and health issues. It has also been found to be a very strong detoxifier, which helps to reduce health risks, creates a higher energy level, and provides mental clarity.

DiabetesOne scientific and medical PubMed study #16945392 describes how ionized antioxidant rich water helps to fight diabetes, while another one of the PubMed #19202298 scientific and medical research studies reveals this water’s ability to fight against leukemia. The PubMed scientific and medical study #22844861 describes the manner in which ionized alkaline drinking water can provide relief for acid reflux sufferers.

Premature agingPubMed published this study #17159237 showing how alkaline ph restructured ionized drinking water has been found to have antioxidant properties also. This #15617863 PubMed scientific study explains how it fights against bad flora in the intestines, while supporting good flora growth. A very popular treatment of this water would also be for its anti-aging properties discussed in this PubMed #17159237 scientific study.

Some of the other health benefits attributed to the waters unique properties include, increased oxygen to the body’s cells, alkalizing the body’s pH, enhancement of the body’s immune system, and more.

Scientific dataThere is a substantial amount of scientific research and studies that have been conducted on the health benefits of “electrolyzed-reduced” or “alkaline ionized antioxidant water” that has uncovered a very wide range of potential health benefits. The popular scientific and medical PubMed website (published by the National Institutes of Health) lists approximately 100 different double-blinded, peer-reviewed abstracts on varying diseases and health issues describing demonstrated health benefits of drinking the water that has been tested in both human and animal studies.

Clearly, electrically produced ionized antioxidant alkaline drinking water benefits human and animal health. You can even research these topis on yourself, simply go there and conduct your own search.