Natural Alkaline Water Ionizer Dangers

non electric water ionizerAnother new trend in the production of alkaline ionized water is the increase in non electric aka “natural water ionizers”. These products claim to produce alkaline water benefits without the use of electricity. The makers of these products argue that the water they produce is actually superior to the alkaline ionized water created by traditional ionizers. Instead, they argue that their products create safer, more natural water, because they use a natural process instead of a man-made electrical process.

The truth, however, behind these non electric / natural water ionizers, is far different from their claims. Upon closer examination, it becomes evident that these “natural alkaline water systems” do not incorporate the health benefits of water ionizers, they actually pose dangers consumers by leeching in an uncontrolled fashion an over abundance of minerals or chemicals into the water to raise its pH above 7.0 and make it alkaline.

How Natural Alkaline Water Machines Work

In general, non electric water ionizers work by taking regular reverse osmosis systems or single, two, or three stage water filtration systems and adding an extra element that adds minerals or chemicals into the water to make it alkaline. This element usually adds the mineral by running the water through a  filter that allows the mineral to leech into the water. This “natural” process of adding minerals or chemicals to water to raise the pH is unsafe and dangerous since it is not controlled. The same alkaline water filter will add the minerals or chemicals at a different rate, based upon water pressure, and flow rate. Over time you may be consuming abnormally high amounts of the stuff, similar to people who add baking soda to their drinking water and think they are making alkaline water. Studies have shown that over consuming baking soda and other chemicals used in “natural alkaline water” is dangerous and has caused “metabolic alkalosis, kidney stones, hypertension, milk-alkali syndrome, kidney failure, and heart failure”(dangers of natural alkaline water) in consumers.

Natural Alkaline Water Scams –  A Potentially Dangerous Trick

The result of this system is to produce water that is highly alkaline, but not ionized. The differences between the two have been discussed on other pages of this website. Alkaline water will NOT provide you with the same health benefits as does alkaline ionized water, so if you purchase one of these natural alkaline water filter systems, you are spending hundreds of dollars more for a standard water filter with a mineral adding component attached to it which may even be endangering the user.  This is the trick, the mineral adding component raises the pH of the water to make it alkaline, so these sellers can then call it a natural alkaline water machine. What they are doing is adding a $5 or $10 mineral adding component to a standard water filter, then making you overpay for a product that is suppose to provide the health benefits of water ionizers, but with a “natural” process. Truth is this “natural” process is purely the addition of minerals or another chemical to raise the pH of water, as if you added baking soda to water, or some other chemical to raise its pH.  Adding and larger amounts of these chemicals to your drinking water is potentially dangerous, there is nothing “natural” about this.

water ionizer non electricNatural non electrics do add elements to the water to raise the pH making it alkaline water. Although these products make alkaline water, they also claim to add micro-clusters and antioxidant elements to the water. Unfortunately, there are no studies that prove that the water from these systems actually create micro-clusters. As a result, even the water produced by the fanciest natural nonelectric water ionizer does not have the characteristics of the water created by an electric ionizer.

The Truth Behind True Alkaline Ionized Water

Not only do natural alkaline water filters fail to produce truly beneficial alkaline ionized water, but also their claims about regular alkaline ionized water are false.

water ionizer pitcherMakers of non electric natural alkaline systems claim that regular water ionizers do not produce healthy water, because they use electricity instead of natural sources. The truth is that, in nature, alkaline ionized water is created by moving water causing friction over hard surfaces, such as rocks. This friction creates electricity, which creates the properties of alkaline ionized water. Just like in rain clouds electricity is created when water molecules evaporate and rise up into the atmosphere, i.e. lighting. Before water ionizers were invented, scientist studying the longer lifespans of people who lived near fresh mountain streams and water falls hypothesized that it was the water they were drinking which was contributing to their longer lifespans. These facts are conveniently overlook by marketers of natural alkaline water who claim that alkaline ionized water is not healthy, which is directly contradicted by a number of scientific and medical studies that outline the incredible health benefits of electrically-produced alkaline ionized drinking water.

Therefore when reading about potential alkaline water benefits and the various machines which claim to produce them keep these facts in mind:

  • Alkaline water is not the same thing as Alkaline Ionized Water
  • Alkaline water is any water with a pH above 7.0, you can add baking soda or other chemicals to raise the pH above 7.0 but this does not make it beneficial and in fact can be dangerous if over consumed or used for extended periods of time.
  • Alkaline ionized water has been proven the have many different health beneficial properties in 100’s of scientific medical research studies
  • Natural alkaline water is sales fiction, it is a marketing term used to trick consumers and overcharge for standard water filter devices with a mineral adding component.
  • Natural alkaline water machines will not deliver the health benefits of water ionizers

If you are looking for the health benefits of drinking ionized alkaline ph water, you will only get them with a water ionizer machine which uses the process of water electrolysis to incorporate the beneficial properties of higher pH, -ORP, and micro clustering into the water. Instead of falling for one of the many different alkaline water scams, purchase the only scientifically proven and natural method of electrical water ionizers. Electrical water ionizer equipment are the only scientifically researched and medically proven machines that create genuine alkaline ionized water, and are the surest method toward receiving the incredible health benefits this water can provide.